JULY 4TH, 2000
BBQ & Pool party

with our new neighbors

in Tampa

group2.jpg (52146 bytes) 74kids.jpg (18028 bytes)
Group photos of the kids, there were aprox 13 kids there so we didn't get them all on film, but you can spot Dusty and Phillip in the one to the left and Sam and Dusty in the pic above.
mark.jpg (42582 bytes) cheryl.jpg (35929 bytes) Our hosts, Mark & Cheryl proud parents of 6 of the kids at the party
74d.jpg (31944 bytes)
Dusty and Phillip were inseperable they had much fun, snapping pops, sneaking snack, jumping together, and playing like crazy !
jump.jpg (33151 bytes)
snack.jpg (49485 bytes) sam74.jpg (41017 bytes)Sam and her new bud Kasey, and her little brother Matt.
us.jpg (38677 bytes) flippers.jpg (21149 bytes)Yeah baby, that's me doing the filpper dance this party needed a little extra life so I volunteered.

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