Dylan is here!!!!
Dylan is Dusty's best friend in the whole world.
A year ago in July Dylan and his family moved to Las Vegas
and Dusty has been waiting to see him every since.
Well Dylan flew in all by himself from Las Vegas on
8-2-00 and Sam & Dusty couldn't be more happy.
Here's some photos of Dylans Tampa Trip.

Dyl1.jpg (28223 bytes)
First day here Dylan had to check out
the pool, he said it would be
perfect if we added a lazy river.
I guess we better call the realtor huh?
dyl2.jpg (26291 bytes)
Sam, Dusty and Dylan I interupted their Dragon Ball Z
cartoon to take this picture.

dyl3.jpg (26616 bytes)
Hanging out by the pool on Day 2

dyl4.jpg (35918 bytes)
Dusty can't get his finger wet so they all take precautions
dyl5.jpg (19442 bytes)
Having a great time in Tampa
wish you were here !!
More pictures will be coming daily, 

here's our schedule.

WED- arrive, and swim

THUR- dusty's dr apt, see McDill AFB

FRI- summer safari nights at Lowry Park Zoo

SAT- Fishing trip

SUN- MOSI, (museum of science and industry)

MON-Clearwater Beach

TUES- Tampa University, Dylans grammy's went there.
             Dusty's school open house
             Sam's school open house

WED-  ????(don't know yet,)?????

So keep coming back for more pictures !!

dyl6.jpg (26751 bytes) dyl7.jpg (17950 bytes)
The 2 Ninja Masters have a sword fight
with their new glow in the dark light up