My Brother Jessie, his girlfriend Michelle and my nephew Phillip
come down from VA to have some fun in the Florida Sun.

7-1-00 thru 7-5-00

Js.jpg (21588 bytes)Me & Jess cook dinner.  Jessie.jpg (22635 bytes)

kis.jpg (39564 bytes)
Kisses from Aunt Sandi.

shell.jpg (20794 bytes)
Jkids.jpg (10369 bytes)
Uncle Jess, gets jumped by the kids.
Pn.jpg (28741 bytes) nieghborhood pick-nick
J.jpg (25115 bytes)
Jess at Coco Beach
Michelle.jpg (26096 bytes)
Jm.jpg (18775 bytes) Jm1.jpg (21158 bytes)
dad.jpg (43519 bytes)
Jess, Phillip and Michelle, headed over to our Dad's house in Biloxi MS, when they left here, for fun, family & fishing.
dad1.jpg (43604 bytes)

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