Sahara is the newest member of the Kirk Klan.  She is 2 1/2 months old, and such a baby doll.

Below you will find pictures of Sahara Kay Kirk. Enjoy !

My first day in my new home!

Sh1.jpg (23179 bytes)
Here I am first day in my new home !!
Sh2.jpg (29900 bytes)Me & Mom
Sh6.jpg (16075 bytes)
Checking out the new place.
Sh5.jpg (21702 bytes)
Mom even lets me hang out with her and
the  computer, looking for friends for me
Sh3.jpg (24540 bytes) Sh4.jpg (26386 bytes)
see my eyes are violet colored
a bad hair day looks to be a commong thing for me




Sahara is a new and valued member of our family. We already have grown to love her dearly with her sweety loving personality and adorable squeaks.

So far we know, she loves baby carrots, she loves her mom, she hasn't noticed dad's cat yet.

We are curious to know what breed she is, I kinda looked around a bit but couldn't find pictures of any breed like her
if you know what breed our sweet Sahara is please let us know by emailing me, sandi@gcisnet.net