The Lowry Park Zoo
Tampa FL
July 5th, 2000

group1.jpg (46079 bytes) Group photo, Sam (11), Dusty (8), and Phillip (9) get ready for a big hot day at the Lowry Park Zoo.
Phillip said his favorite animals we saw were the
Naked mole rats, and the kamodo dragons.
phil1.jpg (37592 bytes)
dus1.jpg (19928 bytes) Dusty said his favorite animals were the Bald Eagle and Rhino
Sam definately fell in love with the manatees, there were her favorite. samz.jpg (28561 bytes)
man.jpg (22384 bytes)
Smokey the Manatee, why would they name a water
creature after a fire product?

eag.jpg (33233 bytes)
Dusty's bald eagle, so close !

grouch.jpg (60103 bytes) This picture is large so that you can see their happy little faces!
Yes it was miserably hot at the zoo, but don't worry I had the solution.
boys.jpg (43342 bytes) fount.jpg (33562 bytes)

Lowry Park zoo has a wonderful fountain area, and all the kids get to play in them, the perfect end to an enlightening exploratory, HOT HOT day !!

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