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                                    Who is the Peachy one ?-

              I am !   I am known as Peachy1. It's my computer nick name, those who know me in real life have a couple different names for me, but we wont go into that right now.  My nick name is not based out of some idea that I am just so delightful I deserve the nick, rather it comes from various forms, 1) I have a just peachy attitude, and 2 Peach is my favorite smell, and 3 Peach Schnapps are my favorite drink. I am 31 yrs old, happily married, 2 great kids, and just moved to Tampa Florida, from Biloxi Mississippi. Not a big change geographically or in the weather department as both are located on the Gulf of Mexico, but the cultural difference are still astounding as I try so hard to acclimate to the new surroundings. 
Appropriate quote- "Everything is going to be just Peachy ! "

              My professional background is diverse. With 7 years in municipal government, my station was Public Safety, varying between life safety and court duties.  A background in BT for TBI, brought me into the medical field and crossing over into SED. Multiple short stints in college combined the 2 fields as I double majored in phsyc and Criminal Justice, yet still haven't left me toting a degree. Being a not so silent yet moderately over worked partner is GCIS has kept me busy the past few years. Learning everyday that I actually know less than I thought I did the day before. 
Best fitting professional quote- "Jack of all trades, master of none"  courtesy of Lu Sanders, circa my whole life.

             A need to enjoy life to the fullest and make memories is imperative. I don't enjoy sitting back and closing the blinds to the world. I want to make a dent in the little time I have here. I want to leave an impression (hopefully a good one) with everyone I come in contact with. A strong family tie, leads me to often drag along the unwilling to participate in my zest for life and my little adventures. It has been said that I am similar to a tornado, You can just be sitting there minding your own business and I might just come along and whisk you into a journey whether you wish to join me or not.
I have 4 brothers and 1 sister, we didn't all grow up together in fact I spent most of my time as an only child. I have been trying for several years to culminate a "family" gathering of sorts, but unless Bill Gates ops to fund the event the chances of it happening in my lifetime are slim as we are geographically spread out, and it is not a financial priority to many of those involved.

Life Quote -  "30 years from now, it will not matter that you missed a T.V. show or didn't read your email one day, it will matter that you have a memory of those around you, leave an impression."   Sandi

          Several people have made significant and often life changing impacts on my life. This is where I would like to give each of them a moment of appreciation.

Grant S.  -for being my hero, enough said.
Lu S.      -for showing me that grace and dignity can soften the appearance of a amazingly                 brilliant woman.
Barb S.   - for giving me life and letting me live it
Joe  R     - for teaching me different isn't always bad, responsibility and always being                  there.
Betty R.  - for loving me and giving me more family
Dan   K  -for keeping me in line and helping me find myself and follow dreams
Sam   O  - for being the first thing I ever did right.
Dusty O  -for showing me how strong and dedicated one hero can be.
Angie P  - for being so beautiful and leading me to believe there are people who are truly                  pure inside and out.
Yates C  - for teaching me that even a successful amazingly brilliant man can use a kiss on                 the forehead.
Sue  C    - for pointing me in the right direction and still letting me wonder down the                  wrong roads a little.
Diane W - for showing me that giving all you have to those around you is rewarding.
Larry J.  - for showing me the WIFM attitude can be cute.
Tae  D   - for showing me that even though life paths lead us in different directions, the                  bonds made in childhood stay true.
Shannan G-for showing me there are 2 people cut from the same cloth
Lee D.   - for showing me that I can be me and still be loved.
Pat  T    - when friendship and respect is earned by someone who doesn't hand it out easily                  it is very rewarding.
Jessie R  - for letting me be there when I am needed.
Stubby    -for showing me even the least among us have so much to offer.
Lloyd K - for making me believe that trusting and depending on a someone can be a                 wonderful thing, and that with love, friendship, and mutual respect everything                 will get better.

There are so many others, but these stand out in my mind on a daily basis. I have always kept this "memories" file in my mind, I play them back often. I remember things that mean so little to anyone else, but they are the very fibers that make up the fabric of my life.

  • playing on sawhorses.
  • laying under the stars wondering who I will be
  • doing crossword puzzles and eating freshly picked cucumbers
  • swimming on Christmas day
  • dressing a dog up like a baby
  • doing a paper route
  • making a book
  • ice skating
  • snow sledding
  • playing with Tupperware
  • playing an organ
  • going fishing
  • shooting a gun
  • soft ball games
  • foot ball games
  • laughing until your sides hurt
  • volley ball games
  • going camping
  • driving all night long
  • food fights
  • winning trophies
  • broken bones
  • walking on the beach in the rain
  • motorcycles
  • big hair
  • carrying a lunch pale
  • listening to records
  • listening to stories
  • jumping on a trampoline
  • singing songs
  • going crazy
  • the grand canyon
  • the rootbeer falls
  • owning a goat that thinks he's a dog
  • Daytona beach
  • kissing under a magnolia tree
  • being just odd enough to make people smile
  • mind teaser games in family restaurants
  • listening to my family create beautiful music
  • painting a picture that make someone smile
  • telling jokes
  • being strong enough to lean on, yet trusting enough to lean back
  • and every detail of being a mom



"Next time you see a child doing things you think are odd, remember if it's not hurting anyone or anything let them do it. They are weaving their own cloth."

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