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                                    Hi there, below you will find some of my favorite and most memorable incidents and quotes
from kids, family and friends. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
  • Mommy, why are so many grown ups too busy to smile? Sam age 4
  • The sky is so big and dark, is it all for us? Dusty age 4
  • I can't play now, I have too much work to do, I have to color 3 circles and it's going to keep me up all night long. Sam age 3
  • We could just be bugs to somthing that's bigger than us.  Dusty age 4
  • Gosh mom, you sure are not so pretty in the morning, you better get more pretty sleep. Sam age 6
  • Some bug busted his guts to show us how much he cared. Lu circa early 1980's
  • Can you cut our pizza in 6 slices I don't think we can eat 8. Dick circa 1970's
  • Why does everyone in Tampa think that you spell Mississippi, M-i-crooked letter-crooked letter- i-crooked-letter-crooked letter-i hump back-hump back- i? Dutsy age 8
  • My sister will get pregnant one day even if I have to do it myself ! Dusty age 8
  • If everyone was nice and tried to smile alot the word would be happier. Sam age 7
  • Whoa Mule ! Joe circa 1980's
  • Mom last night I saw Santa claus he said he forgot my new pet and for you to get me a kitty and give Dusty back to wal-mart.. Sam age 3
  • Mom, I kicked Dusty in the butt and I broke my toe. Sam age 10
  • Mom, I had a pillow fight with Sam and the bone popped thru my finger. Dusty age 8
  • I can't believe we both won the science fair the same year. Sam 8, & Dusty 6
  • I would love to go with you to the beach mom, but sorry  I have plans, there's a great cartoon on this weekend and I am planning on sleeping in. Sam age 11
  • I will go with you Mom, but I better get to scuba dive to a pirate ship wreck or somthing fun like that.  Dusty age 8
  • Samantha hit me.  Dusty -since birth
  • Dusty is being a butt head. Samantha since Dusty's birth
  • You are the super coolest bestest mom on earth.  Sam age 9
  • Help !!!! My elbow is on fire. Dusty age 6 (first time he hit his funny bone)
  • That tooth fairy is getting frequent flyer miles mom. Dusty age 7
  • MOM ! There's a big white rat in the laundry basket !!!  Dusty age 8
  • Hey mom, we look like twins, isn't that cool. Sam age 10
  • When I grow up I am going to be rich, and I will buy you a big house and a maid and new car. Sam age 9
  • Mom, Daddy wont' stop tickling me ! Dusty age 6
  • My roon IS clean mom. Dusty since birth
  • I am too tired to do chores mom, can I ride my bike to the park and play ball instead? Dusty age 8
  • ACTUALLY........... Dylan ages 6-8
  • Oh yeah well I will tell my dad, cause he doesnt' allow people to talk while he's sleeping.  Dusty age 7
  • I am so hot my brain has melted out of my ears. Sam age 6
  • Mom, Dad was looking at another woman at the store.  Sam & Dusty daily reports
  • How come I had to catch your feckles? Dusty age 4
  • Daddy can I leave the light on tonight? Dusty age 6
  • I have to say hunkleberries cause my Dr said I can't say huckleberries. Sandi age 4
  • I promise everything will work out fine. Lloyd circa 1990's
  • Well I bet that bug is dead huh? Lee 1993 (minutes after my house burned to the ground do to a  bug)
  • Are we atleast 1/2 way there yet? Sam & Dusty thier whole lives
  • I love you.  my family and friends my whole life
  • Mom, I didn't threaten that little boy at school I made a contract with him. I said if you don't stop picking on her I will have to beat you up at recess. He coulda stopped.
    Dusty age 7
  • I ate my entire peice of pizza that should entitle me to another fresh peice without me having to finish Dusty's left overs.  Sam age 6
  • Joe me & Sandi are going to get married and no she's not pregnant. Lloyd 1997
  • How can you possibly raise a family without cookies and hot chocolate in the house? Barb circa 1990's
  • This is the worst broom I have ever seen no wonder your floors look like they do.
    Barb circa 1990's
  • Mommy, me and my teacher are having creature differances. Sam age 5
  • What do you mean I was breast fed????????  Sam age 8
  • When I go to college I want Dylan to share my bunk beds with me. Dusty age 7
  • I will NEVER get married or have kids YUCK, I want to live with you forever.
    Sam age 10
  • It's all fun and laughs until I am the one that gets hurt. Sandi 1993 - till
  • OH ok then George.  Grant 1969- 1999




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